Dealer should sell the goods purchased from the principal under the conditions stipulated in the selling contract made between them. This contract sets the minimum sales volume for a certain period of time, and the selling price. If a real selling volume will be lower than the set minimum, or the dealer violates the pricing policy defined by the agreement, the principal has a right to terminate the agreement.

How to become a distributor?
To become a distributor you have to meet only one of special condition:

  • One time purchase volumes not less than 10 kg of different research chemicals products in total.

Distributor’s liabilities/rights
The distributor distributes the goods and services in the countries of distributorship. 
The distributor does not own the exclusive rights in the country of distributorship. The distributor undertakes to study the local legislation in the country of distributorship.   
In case of any nuances the distributor undertakes to inform us and our specialists will find the solution to the existing problems.

Our guarantees 
We guarantee the highest level of service and legitimacy of our partnership to all our distributors, as well as compliance with all existing agreements and contract terms.