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    XTC pills buy online your top quality xtc pills( Fragezeichen 140mg)which either be snort,smoke or oral.With XTC pills buy online makes you feel excited, usually with an overwhelming urge to dance. The effects of XTC vary considerably from one person to another, depending on who you’re with, where you are and how you’re feeling at the time.Withing half an hour after taking XTC, your heart may go into overdrive and you might feel a bit hot and sticky while your mouth goes dry. Sometimes, you’ll come up with a huge exhilarating rush and possibly experience hallucinations.Within two hours after taking XTC, the effects is at their strongest, even the sound of a cutlery tray being dropped will sound unbearably danceable, you’ll be walking around with a ludicrous grin on your face and even a set of Millwall fans will appear hugely huggable.

    Lights will seem brighter and colours more intense. You’ll feel firmly locked into the groove on the dancefloor and feel happy and confident. These feelings will slowly diminish as the stimulant wear down.

    Meanwhile XTC removes all feelings of tiredness and thirst it is vital that you keep yourself hydrated if you’re dancing non-stop. Try to drink around a pint of fluid an hour (not alcohol) to replace fluids lost by dancing – isotonic drinks are particularly good. If you’re not dancing then you don’t need to drink so much as it can be harmful.