4-Me-TMP is a stimulant chemical which is a threo isomer and para-methyl derivative of methylphenidate. It was developed in early 80’s, but due to many publications and tests on this chemical it is hard to tell the exact date. Adding the para-methyl structure on already existing skeleton of methylphenidate resulted in creation of chemical with slightly lower potency than it’s parental compound, but much more gentle in laboratory results, which make this chemical perfect for unexperienced scientists. 4-Me-TMP has about 0.75x potency of ethylphenidate which means that only 20 to 40mg is needed for succesful research. The duration of chemical reaction in laboratory starts after 2 to 5 minutes (depending of used labgear) with full results presented after 30 minutes. In many ways, 4-Me-TMP is indistinguishable from methylphenidate and if you are looking for a chemical that resembles it, you will be 100% satisfied by buying 4-Me-TMP at Buzz-Wholesale.co We have limited stock of this chemical so don’t be late!

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